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     PKHunter is a Decal Plug-in for Asheron's Call, a MMORPG, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.The plugin tracks all PK's (player kills) that it sees, and uploads them to this server and rates the players.This text is hidden over here so that spiders that hit this page add some kind of context! After all, most of the text on this page is player names which generate the STRANGEST indexes ;) Here come the keywords! Asheron Asheron's Call Microsoft Turbine Entertainment Decal Plugin Player Killer PK PKLite pkill pk pkl go red stfu noob stfu or go red nanas!! nanners! virindi olthoi sik mote pyreal ssk Other MMORPGs: EverQuest Star Wars Galaxies EverQuest Dark Age of Camelot Anarchy Online DaOC EQ EQ2 SWG AO Asheron's Call 2 AC2 Lineage Lineage 2 L2 tinker imbue nerf World of Warcraft WoW human virindi ogre night elf gnome halfling druid hunter orc shaman

  • The PK Hunter plugin

    The PK Hunter plugin is pretty simple. It records every PK it sees, and submits those kills to a central website. It processes all the kills and creates a ranking.

    How the ranking works:

    • 0 points - killing someone more than 1 time in 60 minutes (you will never get any points for killing someone repeatedly)
      I understand that many times you will kill the same people within an hour, but this is to avoid people gaming the system!
    • 0 points - killing someone with the same patron (you will never get any points for killing someone who has the same patron)
    • +1 point- killshot (so aside from the above cases, you'll always get at least 1 point)
    • 1 point max- killing someone within the same monarchy. (no matter what, you'll never get more than 1 point for killing someone within your monarchy, but subject to the 0's above!)
    • +5 points for looting rights (victim has to leave a corpse, and someone who witnesses needs to id that corpse (plugin does it automatically. but if the victim doesn't leave a corpse, nobody gets these points)
      [so if you're keeping track, looting rights+killshot gets you 6 points]
    • -5 points for suicides.

    Even if you get 0 points for a kill/killshot, your number of kills or killshots will always increase.

    If you kill someone and are the corpse verified owner, you get credit for a 'kill'.
    If you only get the killshot, you get credit for the 'killshot'.
    If you get the kill AND the killshot, for stat purposes, you still only get a 'kill', to avoid double counting.
    If one player gets the kill, and another the killshot, each respective player gets their points.

    The Plugin

    This section needs to be updated...

    Todo List

    • Finish Kill/Death map. coords are still a little "wonky".
    • Break kills/deaths into legacy/new.
    • Add remaining pages/links.
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