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     PKHunter is a Decal Plug-in for Asheron's Call, a MMORPG, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.The plugin tracks all PK's (player kills) that it sees, and uploads them to this server and rates the players.This text is hidden over here so that spiders that hit this page add some kind of context! After all, most of the text on this page is player names which generate the STRANGEST indexes ;) Here come the keywords! Asheron Asheron's Call Microsoft Turbine Entertainment Decal Plugin Player Killer PK PKLite pkill pk pkl go red stfu noob stfu or go red nanas!! nanners! virindi olthoi sik mote pyreal ssk Other MMORPGs: EverQuest Star Wars Galaxies EverQuest Dark Age of Camelot Anarchy Online DaOC EQ EQ2 SWG AO Asheron's Call 2 AC2 Lineage Lineage 2 L2 tinker imbue nerf World of Warcraft WoW human virindi ogre night elf gnome halfling druid hunter orc shaman

  •   Data Collecting
    Posted on 2007-02-13 23:21:00 by Johnus of Grey Death

    Data Collecting

    Data is being collected right now, but don't count on the ratings staying as is. Discussion is going on right now on how to most usefully generate ratings. I'm going to be on vacation next week, so no changes are immediate. Right now most of the time related checks are off, so there may be dups getting collected. Once a rating formula is decided on, the data will be reprocessed, and ratings will be regenerated.

    If you'd like to participate in the discussion, see this thread on the Google Group.

      Ratings Processing!
    Posted on 2007-02-09 00:45:00 by Johnus of Grey Death

    Ratings are being processed

    Ratings are being processed. The current process is: +1 for killshot, +5 for verified kill, capped at a max of +1 for killing someone in your monarchy, +0 for someone with the same patron. -5 for suicides.

    The processor is running in the debugger, so if it runs into an error, it will stop at a breakpoint. while i'm at work i won't be monitoring it, so if submissions start piling up, thats why.

      PKHunter Available!
    Posted on 2007-02-03 17:40:00 by Johnus of Grey Death

    PKHunter is available.

    Ratings are not being calculated yet. I need more data to be submitted before i start doing that. So on player detail pages, you will see "unprocessed" data on the player detail pages. Once i start processing ratings, then that data will go away.

    Since no ratings are being processed, the number of kills, deaths, etc will not increase, but submitted data is being tracked. Since everyone has a rating of 0, the top 10's will be pretty much random for probably a week or so until i start processing ratings.

    For the discussion of how ratings will be be calculated, see this post on the google group.

    If you have any issues, post them there.

      Planned Rating Changes
    Posted on 2007-01-23 21:12:00 by Johnus of Grey Death

    Plugin is almost ready, only backend changes left!

    The plug-in itself is basicly ready, all i have left is back end/rating changes left to do. Here's what i'm planning right now. I'm thinking of doing something like:
    • 0 points - killing someone more than 1 time in 60 minutes (you will never get any points for killing someone repeatedly)
    • 0 points - killing someone with the same patron (you will never get any points for killing someone who has the same patron)
    • +1 point- killshot (so aside from the above cases, you'll always get at least 1 point)
    • 1 point max- killing someone within the same monarchy. (no matter what, you'll never get more than 1 point for killing someone within your monarchy, but subject to the 0's above!)
    • +5 points for looting rights (victim has to leave a corpse, and someone who witnesses needs to id that corpse (plugin does it automatically. but if the victim doesn't leave a corpse, nobody gets these points)
      [so if you're keeping track, looting rights+killshot gets you 6 points]
    • +5 points for the first time you kill someone unique.
      This one is still up in the air. It might have a level restriction, or be in a monarchy or have a patron or some other thing to prevent gaming this part of the system. [so if this is the first time you've ever killed someone, you could max out at 11 points]
    • -2 points for suicides.

    For more details, see this post on the google group.
      So close...
    Posted on 2006-12-20 00:15:00 by Johnus of Grey Death

    So Close.....

    PKHunter 2.0 for Decal 3 (Alpha 8) is on its way:

    Witnessed tab stats tab

    A public build is coming soon.
    Keep watching here for more updates!

      Its Coming...
    Posted on 2006-09-20 11:59:00 by Johnus of Grey Death

    Its Coming...

    PKHunter 2.0 for Decal 3 (Alpha 7) is on its way. I have the .NET version of the plugin tracking kills and submitting updates to the website.
    A public build is coming soon.
    Keep watching here for more updates!

      I'm working on it!
    Posted on 2005-11-14 21:06:00 by Johnus of Grey Death

    Where the hell is my plugin?!

    Decal 3 Alpha 4 is now publicly available, and i'm currently in the process of updating all of my plug-ins. Don't worry, its on my list!
    I'm also planning on adding a lot of features that people have asked for:
    • "real" killer support (identifying corpses to see who the "real" killer was, not just the kill shot.
    • monarchy support
    • witness support - people who submit kills will be shown as witnesses
    • location - where the kill actually took place
    • levels at time of kill
    • ability to anonymize yourself (if you download the plug-in and run it one time, you can "opt out" of the site). you will be shown as "Anonymous Coward 34" or something similar.
    keep in mind, those are only PLANNED features. I will probably also change how ratings are calculated or something, i haven't figured that out yet.

      Why are the top tens empty?!
    Posted on 2005-09-08 15:51:35 by Johnus of Grey Death

    Why are the top tens empty?!

    Decal is still not publicly working/available for TD.
    See this post on the AC Utilities VN boards for more info: AC-TD Decal Update

    Chances are, after that is updated, i will need to update the plug-in as well.
    And chances are after that, I will move the contents of the current database to a "legacy" site, and introduce a new rating system.

      Ratings being REBUILT with new rules
    Posted on 2004-02-01 14:30:55 by Johnus of Grey Death
    Ratings are being REBUILT from scratch.

    No kills (except duplicates) will be lost! The processor is working as fast as it can, but as of right now, it looked like the latest kills processed were new years eve 2002. That leaves a whole YEAR of kills left.

    For more information, see this post on the boards: Ratings update thread.

    Posted on 2003-08-18 23:49:46 by Johnus of Grey Death
    So I haven't updated anything since oh... MAY 10th! Crazy! I did a couple updates to the front page though. Since there aren't very many news updates frequently, i moved em to their own page!

    Also! The front page now shows TODAY's top 10 along with the ALL TIME top 10. Today's top ten shows the top 10 for each server that have had some kind of "event" in the last 24 hours. Event is kill, death, or suicide.

    Its just a little update, but hey!

    Also, we've now crossed the 700,000 kill mark!

    Thats a lot of kills!

    Hopefully, I'll have some time to do some updates to the processor to actually implement the stuff listed below about 0 points for killing someone > 500 points below you...

    243541 unique users have killed each other 3842436 times

    In the last hour 0 records were processed and included 0 kills. There are 0 submissions waiting to be processed. There are 0 kills waiting to be processed.
    Last front page update was at 02:32 pm on Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 (Front page regenerated hourly, or whenever Johnus feels like it!)
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