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     PKHunter is a Decal Plug-in for Asheron's Call, a MMORPG, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.The plugin tracks all PK's (player kills) that it sees, and uploads them to this server and rates the players.This text is hidden over here so that spiders that hit this page add some kind of context! After all, most of the text on this page is player names which generate the STRANGEST indexes ;) Here come the keywords! Asheron Asheron's Call Microsoft Turbine Entertainment Decal Plugin Player Killer PK PKLite pkill pk pkl go red stfu noob stfu or go red nanas!! nanners! virindi olthoi sik mote pyreal ssk Other MMORPGs: EverQuest Star Wars Galaxies EverQuest Dark Age of Camelot Anarchy Online DaOC EQ EQ2 SWG AO Asheron's Call 2 AC2 Lineage Lineage 2 L2 tinker imbue nerf World of Warcraft WoW human virindi ogre night elf gnome halfling druid hunter orc shaman

  • Details for "Wind of Horror"

    Current Rating:2599
    Rank on Darktide61
    Overall Rank171
    Best Rating Ever:2599
    Verified Kills:419
    Best Streak:37
    Worst Streak:-9
    Added On:2002-10-25 12:21:05
    Last Submission:2007-05-28 20:43:33


    Kill Map:Kill and Death Map
    (under construction!)
    All Kills:All kills for Wind of Horror
    All Killshots:All killshots for Wind of Horror
    All Deaths:All deaths for Wind of Horror
    All Suicides:All suicides for Wind of Horror
    Kills by Player:Coming soon...
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    Deaths by Player: (Verified):Coming soon...
    Deaths by Player: (Killshots)Coming soon...
    Legacy Data (Pre ToD)Wind of Horror

    Last 50 Events for Wind of Horror

    12016-12-07 19:35:51DeathKilled and killshot by Kiss my green arse Witnesses Details
    22016-12-07 19:34:23KillKilled and killshot Parental Mishap6Witnesses Details
    32016-08-02 17:48:15KillshotKillshot Conway Twitty1Witnesses Details
    42016-08-02 17:47:13KillshotKillshot Kahuna The Kidd1Witnesses Details
    52016-08-02 17:25:12DeathKillshot by Noob Sauce, unknown killer. Witnesses Details
    62016-08-02 16:42:35KillKilled and killshot El Baus6Witnesses Details
    72016-08-02 16:23:28KillshotKillshot Second Breath1Witnesses Details
    82016-07-31 23:12:53KillshotKillshot Extremely Good Looking1Witnesses Details
    92016-07-31 23:11:20KillKilled and killshot H M F I C6Witnesses Details
    102016-07-31 23:04:21DeathKillshot by H M F I C, unknown killer. Witnesses Details
    112016-07-31 22:57:32DeathKillshot by Extremely Good Looking, unknown killer. Witnesses Details
    122016-07-31 22:48:19KillKilled and killshot Tps Report6Witnesses Details
    132016-07-31 22:48:13KillKilled Robin'Da'Hood5Witnesses Details
    142016-07-24 10:10:38KillKilled Wakawakawaka5Witnesses Details
    152016-07-09 20:45:35DeathKillshot by Scold, unknown killer. Witnesses Details
    162016-07-09 20:26:02DeathKillshot by Scold, unknown killer. Witnesses Details
    172016-07-09 20:09:25KillshotKillshot Conway Twitty1Witnesses Details
    182016-07-09 19:56:37KillKilled and killshot Conway Twitty6Witnesses Details
    192016-07-09 19:40:03DeathKilled and killshot by Djang Witnesses Details
    202016-07-09 19:09:01DeathKilled and killshot by Djang Witnesses Details
    212016-07-09 19:08:50KillshotKillshot Daughter of Athena1Witnesses Details
    222016-07-09 19:02:47DeathKilled and killshot by Hammer on you Witnesses Details
    232012-07-11 20:54:43KillKilled and killshot Dark Rocx6Witnesses Details
    242012-07-11 20:44:34DeathKilled and killshot by Girl Talk Witnesses Details
    252012-07-11 20:41:44KillshotKillshot Gaidoz1Witnesses Details
    262012-07-02 21:56:11DeathKillshot by Aenr, unknown killer. Witnesses Details
    272012-07-02 21:54:39KillshotKillshot Madmardegon1Witnesses Details
    282012-07-02 21:53:01KillKilled and killshot Opal Virindi6Witnesses Details
    292012-04-16 21:41:06DeathKilled and killshot by Yob Etimanyd Witnesses Details
    302012-04-16 21:02:25DeathKilled by Berserk' killshot by Hollow Minion Witnesses Details
    312012-04-15 18:56:48KillshotKillshot All Or Nothing1Witnesses Details
    322012-04-15 18:56:12KillKilled and killshot Hammer on you6Witnesses Details
    332012-04-05 20:29:23DeathKilled and killshot by Crypticdeath Witnesses Details
    342012-03-02 22:00:52DeathKilled by Khao killshot by Gronde Witnesses Details
    352012-03-02 22:00:48KillKilled Depth Rising5Witnesses Details
    362012-03-02 21:58:14KillshotKillshot Bim Triggs1Witnesses Details
    372012-02-29 16:53:26KillshotKillshot Anne Frank1Witnesses Details
    382012-02-29 16:53:14KillKilled and killshot Jajajllalafjdadeiwe6Witnesses Details
    392012-02-29 15:30:00KillshotKillshot Dread Corazo1Witnesses Details
    402012-02-26 15:00:30KillKilled Turning Lane5Witnesses Details
    412012-02-26 14:56:48KillKilled and killshot Elvian6Witnesses Details
    422012-02-26 14:55:29KillshotKillshot B a K e D1Witnesses Details
    432012-02-26 14:31:12KillKilled and killshot Elvian6Witnesses Details
    442012-01-20 17:48:18DeathKilled by Dr T and the Women killshot by All Or Nothing Witnesses Details
    452011-08-14 18:58:50DeathKilled by Magix Stix killshot by All Or Nothing Witnesses Details
    462011-08-14 18:48:08KillshotKillshot Raistall1Witnesses Details
    472011-08-11 22:30:54DeathKilled by Kill The Poor killshot by Tookie Williams Witnesses Details
    482011-08-10 19:19:05KillKilled and killshot Zilth6Witnesses Details
    492011-08-09 21:17:40KillKilled and killshot Jojji6Witnesses Details
    502011-08-09 21:16:51KillshotKillshot Platinum Cheese1Witnesses Details
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